Rhyming Poetry Books  for grown ups  (some rude words!)

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If you are looking for the perfect present for PARENTS or GRANDPARENTS    -     LOOK NO FURTHER

These Rhyming Poetry books will deliver the goods that instantly make you - The thoughtful  Great Present Picker you are!

The Prime objective of these books is to provide enough: Quirky Humour, Worldly Opinion and Family Information to ensure that they will survive under the stairs and reach the Great Great Grandchildren - and all other descendants that will appreciate them fully.

And, if they make a few folk smile down the years                ….We’ll call that a Job well done.                                                    

                              Best Regards.

Home Dennis
BOOK WON £7.99
BOOK TREE £10.99
BOOK TOO £9.99

Each book has more than fifty poems - and ideal for the occasional swift read situations.

Dennis the Menace 
Helps Desperate Dan
Dear all,
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This collection charts his own life from childhood and those of friends, family and pets. He also writes amusing, pointed and often politically incorrect commentaries on modern life. The poetry ranges from laugh-out-loud hilarious to bitter-sweet reflections and occasional dark humour.

His love of life and his wife and family and his determination to plough his own furrow all come out strongly in these verses, as does his joy in laughing at  himself.  

Among the poems are some he was asked to write for special occasions, including a Toast to the Lassies on Burns night.

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of light verse and consider the books suitable for anyone who enjoys reading anywhere.

Many thanks for this review by Mr. Kevin Crowe  - Author - Critique - Good Egg.  
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